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About the game.

Roll the dice, collect the resources and build your monument in Monument Rivals.
In this game, you are the Monument builder playing against 5 other players to try and finish their monument first.
in order to win the game, you have to be smart. Trade with other player or you sabotage their Monuments.

key features.
  • Collect resources and use them to build your Monument.
  • Choose from 7 different monuments the Eiffel tower, Big Ben, the leaning tower of Pisa, the Empire state building, the great Pyramid, The Dutch mill and the Atomium 
  • Sabotage other players or trade with them.
  • play with your friends.

Development log


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I like it. Fun game so far, and looks good as well.

It is completely luck-based with AI tho, without trading. Could use more strategic choices. 

Also the top half of my screen (including UI) is blurry? On 1440p on ultra. Could be depth of field distance.

It still luck based but when the trading comes to play it will be more strategic (also i am currently looking for adding more cards that do more different things). about the UI I am going to fix that I use some blurry effects to make the game look better but if the player can't see the UI so good it needs to be fixes.